Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Review Johnson's Book

Review Johnson's Article 
                                                      "Privilege, Power, and Difference" is an "EYE"
opener in many ways. The first sentence "I wrote this book for one reason." Was one of the best openings I've read in a long time. It makes me want to know more. He then leads into areas of race, gender, social class, etc., talking about the different issues in our current society. His arguments about how much injustice we have are strong and moving. Johnson brings in facts and his own experience to help the reader understand his point more clearly. The best part of the article is that, he knows his views are bias in many ways. So one strong statement he says is "What I don't know from my own experience I have to supplement..." This shows with his added pieces on Rodney King, the writings of James Baldwin, and statements by Peggy McIntosh. He talks long on his own views and life lessons but also tries his best to give both sides of the coin. He talks about white privilege knowing very well how good(in many ways) he had it growing up. He get his point across that the gap is wide and still there. That even though time has pasted, laws have passed and people have matured, we still have a large issue. He says " For all our potential, you'd think we could manage to get along with one another." But we still can't get that done yet. The power is uneven and vast with some not wanting to change at all. The Privilege to do these things are in the hands of a select group and it shows in his list of instances like " Men are charged lower prices for new and used cars." Or "Heterosexual can live in the comfort of knowing that other people's assumptions about their sexual orientation are correct." The ones who can change how you see things are "Comfortable" and don't want change. We have a long road ahead and Johnson knows this truly. He wants others to see how it really is in our society today and this is why he wrote his book.


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